Friday, March 02, 2001

Movements, 3.2.2001

N117WA, DC10 ferried XNA-MZJ 02Mar-2001
N578PE, B727 ferried VCV-MIA 02Mar-2001

N897AA, B727 ferried MHV-TUS 01Mar-2001

N24343, B727 del'd to Falcon Air, flew TUS-MIA 28Feb-2001

Monday, February 26, 2001

Tucson Area, 2.24.2001

Western Int'l scrapyard - update:
- All 3 CASA 212s are gone.
'71406' T-43 RA tail code, good condition w/ engines
'31205' C-12 Kingair United States markings, very good condition

Hamilton Aviation update
N603DJ* B732 Vanguard full c/s & titles
(N54345) B727 Now mostly white fuselage, Aeropostal tail. No markings
or titles.
XA-TMY B727 Allegro, in for mx
(all other aircraft still present)
- N54344 B727 TransMeridian - presumably delivered
- N745DH B727 DHL - departed, not sure if for a test flight or del'y
- N101LB WW24 Now fully broken-up.
- N161TB A-3 Fully broken-up on 22Feb-2001.

Visible outside Bombardier:
N131TR LJ60 60-216 primer
N5012G LJ60 60-217 primer
+ 1 LJ45 not read off
N45HF LJ45 a/w
N485CL CL64
+ many others already logged before

Active & transient:
N320NB* A319 NW
N34TY Fa50
N348QS C560
N600G 125
N390QS C560
N937QS* C750
N302FJ* Fa50
N61CK C650
N902JC C500
N63JT C550
N23KG C500

Avra Valley (E14)
Stopped in here to check on our 'new' Connie. Also found:
N99JD* Fa50
N147RJ C550
N105CF* L1049, mostly in the same condition as when it arrived.

Marana (MZJ) - Update only:
N12FQ MD88 Air Aruba, inside hgr
P4-MDF, MDG MD90s Air Aruba - stored
EI-TLK, TLL, TLM A300s TransAer - stored
N16949 DC10 Emery n/t - stored
N553SW, N570SW B747 a/w - stored
N305FV DC10 Canadian n/t - stored
G-BDXA B747 BA n/t - stored
N789BA B757 El Al n/t - parked flightline
N ? DC10 American n/t - stored
9M-MAV DC10 Malaysia full c/s - stored
N147UA B747SP United n/t - moved OUT on flightline

- Many BAX and ATI DC-8s are now stored in the central area.
- All of the newly arrived United DC-10s are stored on the flightline.
- Seems that most of the south and west rows have been swapped around. All
aircraft positions noted prior to February are probably not valid anymore.