Thursday, June 19, 2003

Cactus Wings Aircraft Report

News items

* Visit our sales stand at the Los Angeles Aviation Expo this Saturday! Show info:

* America West Express (Mesa/Freedom) took delivery of two new aircraft this week. CRJ-900 N904FJ [15004] arrived at PHX on 14Jun, and CRJ-700 [10094] arrived at PHX on 17Jun.

* B727-200s G-BPND [21021] and G-OPMN [21578] were noted at Tucson on 13Jun-2003 in full Cougar Cargo colors.

* B777-200 N702BA [27108] and N703BA [27109] are now stored at Goodyear. Both aircraft are all white.

Aircraft movements


N410AN A310 HNL-MHV Lion Airlines ex S7-RGQ
N610TW B767 GYR-MIA* did this fly?


N545DA B72S VCV-MIA* did this fly?
DLH8711 B747 airtest MZJ

ACA7056 B767 YUL-MHV

* planned

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Mesa Falcon Field May10-2003

Lockeed C-130 Hercules
3212 N130PS Maxturbine is no longer stored at Falcon Field, do any of you know when it left?

English Electric Canberra
EEP13636 N76764 and HP181B N76465 are still both stored in full Royal Navy colors.

Douglas DC-3
12693 N88874 has been repainted in USAF colors, and is parked in front of restaurant "Anzio Landing" at Falcon field.
13070 N844TH still parked in front of Confederate Air Force hangar. still in green/yellow colors.

Goodyear, AZ May23-2003.

This is not a complete report due to the usual lack of time before I had to be at the office, sorry!

Airbus A300
0304 N308FV B4-203 Still parked with basic Phillippines tail colors, no titles/logo.

Airbus A319-112
0949 N707UW Stored behind the hanagr in full US Airways colors. together with 5 others Airbus A319/320.

Boeing 727
19703 N311NE 223 Still stored in US Postal colors
20193 N312NE 223 As above
19495 N314NE 223 As above
20190 N315NE 223 As above
19475 N316NE 223 As above
19287 N416EX 51C As above
19290 N417EX 51C As above
19099 N421EX 22C As above
20042 N424EX 134C As above, being worked on, minus eng # 2 and radome open, no radar antenna, can't tell if he is gfetting ready to fly or starting to be reduced to spares.
19089 N426EX 22C Still stored in full US Mail colors
19090 N427EX 22C As above
19097 N428EX 22C As above
19288 N435EX 51C As above
19289 N436EX 51C As above
19665 N527PC 172C As above
19597 N528PC 82C As above
20053 N64320 231 Full Sportshawk colors.
21416 N7269U 222 Basic present United Air Lines colors, no titles/logo
21571 N7293U 222 As above
21892 N7297U 222 As above
21906 N7452U 222 As above
21826 N831L 2Q8 Still stored in Delta colors, minus engines.

Boeing 737
21735 N121NJ 2Q8 Still in full Vanguard Airlines colors
22979 N120NJ 2T5 As above
22792 N138AW 2E3 Still in full America West Airlines colors, minus enignes
22575 N149AW 2U9 As above
23218 N150AW 3G7 Basic America West colors, no titles/logo
23219 N151AW 3G7 As above
23717 N231DN 3L9 Full Delta colors
24220 N232DZ 3L9 Still parked in front of the hangar in dull Delta colors.
23091 N319DL 232 Still store din full Delta colors
23098 N326DL 232 As above
23105 N334DL 232 As above
24537 N368UA 322 Stored in full United Air Lines colors
24378 N357UA 322 As above
24379 N358UA 322 As above
24540 N371UA 322 As above
24641 N376UA 322 As above
24455 N362UA 322 As above
24539 N370UA 322 As above
24637 N372UA 322 As above
21720 N809AL 2Q9 Still stored at the hangar ramp in full Aloha Airlines colors.
28565 PT-SSD 56N Still stored in full Rio Sul colors
25185 PT-SSL 5Y0 As above
25191 PT-SSM 5Y0 As above

Boeing 747
22485 N285SW 2B5F Still stored in basic Korean Air colors, no titles/logo

Boeing 757
25241 EC-FXV 214 Still all white, no titles/logo
26657 N559UA 222 Stored in full United Air Lines colors
26650 N556UA 222 As above
26654 N558UA 222 As above

Boeing 767
22224 N112DL 232 Still in full Delta Air Lines colors.
22226 N114DL 232 As above
22227 N115DA 232 As above
24802 N174DN 332 In full Delta Air Lines colors.
27962 N186DN 332 in full Delta Air Lines colors.
22569 N606TW 231 Still parked in front of the hangar in all white, no titles/logo.
23803 PP-VNN 241 Still stored in full VARIG colors
23802 PP-VNP 241 As above
23804 PP-VNQ 241 As above
23805 PP-VNR 241 As above
23806 PP-VNS 241 As above
23801 PP-VNO 241 As above
Las Vegas North Terminal Jun09-2003

Born Again Restorations Sikorsly S-38B
B414-20 NC28V seen on the Cheyenne Aviation ramp.

De Havilland DHC-6-300
359 N149SA
723 N255SA Both parked on the Cheyenne Aviation ramp

Fairchild F-27
97 N366SB Still parked at the Cheyenne Aviation ramp.

Beech 1900
UB-69 N381CR Still operating in non Scenic Airlines colors, with Scenic title on tail fin.

Aero Vodochdy L-39
931331 N50XX
834558 N49MH both parked at the ramp.

Vision Air

Piper PA-31 Navajo all parked/tied down at the Vision Air ramp.
31-8052121 N3587Y "Spirit of Las Vegas"
31-7752013 N27419 "Spirit of Temple Bar"
31-7752170 N27419 "Spirit of Pearce Canyon" minus engine # 2
31-7552052 N76CF "Spirit of Lake Mead" minus both engines.
31-7652088 N88MG Non standard Vision Air colors, cream/brown with Vision titles.
31-7552019 N61510 Full Vision Air colors
31-7652120 N974CS As above, but minus both engines.

Donier DO-228
8120 N404VA New Vision air colors, operational
8240 N228ST Two titles: "Inner Canyon Air" and "Vision" on the tail finn, also a Hibiscus flower on the tail fin. Operational.
8117 N117DN White/blue colrs, no titles/logo
8097 N228ME As above
8110 N110DN As above
8121 N260MC All white, blue strip, no titles/logo
8135 N269MC All white with a thin red stripe, no titles/logo.
Phoenix Jun15-2003

Las Vegas McCarren International Jun15-2003.

Boeing 757-28A N369AX Omni Air International has been parked for the last 5 days at Las Vegas storage area, doesn't look "stored"..

Douglas DC-10-30
47837 N1855U Still in process of being reduced to spares, haven't been starting the scrapping process yet.

Boeing 737-222
19054 N9016U The cockpit section is gone by Jun15-2003.

De Havilland DHC-8-102
082 N841PH Full US Airways Express colors, still stored

Fokker 100
11392 N897US Full US Airways colors
11398 N898US As above