Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Marana (MZJ) 1.16.02

B-18751, B742, LAX-MZJ arrived MZJ 1400 local as CI8751. Full China Airlines colors.

One of the NASA B747 Shuttle transporters departed MZJ at 1415 local. No idea where to!

Monday, January 14, 2002

Phoenix (PHX) 1.13.2002

N329AW B733 Shandong Airlines, appears stored at A.M.S. hgr
N330AW B733 Shandong Airlines, ditto
N903PG B757 inside A.M.S. hgr

N101HW LJ60
N562DB Ce560
N675RW G5
N750SW G3

N124US A320 US
N126YV Be1900 a/w
N159US A321 US
N287US B72S NW
N319FL B733 Frontier
N426SW CRJ Delta c/s
N881LF MD80 AM
N910SW CRJ United c/s
N9615W MD80 AA c/s, TWA titles

Tucson (TUS) 1.11.2002

- Only change to Hamilton's ramp is N750DH was being masked for painting

Visible at Bombardier
N700LA BD700 landed
N5008F LJ60 [60-233]
N5048K LJ45 [45-198]
N5005Q LJ31 [31-231] Easy to mistake for N50050
N823TR LJ60
N653CW CL600
N601AE CL601
N520JR CL604 [5520]
N515DM CL604 [5515]
N522FP CL604 [5522]