Friday, August 17, 2001

News update

* B757 N903PG is now at the AMS hangar at PHX, still wearing ex-BA c/s with no titles.
* DC-9 N924LG now gone from TUS
* N308D L-188 Electra landed at DMA, and was later seen at the Western Int'l scrapyard at Tucson, wearing full National Science Foundation c/s and titles.
* N428MX A320 was flight testing at MHV earlier this week, is the last A320 there for onward delivery to Mexicana. Still a/w.

Movements this week:


C-GJHK CL65 BTV-ROW ***Haven't seen a 'CL65' designation before. Thinking it could be the new Continental on a test flight.
N4GX Global TUS-MKC (possible delivery flight)

DHL9700 B727 CVG-IGM

Monday, August 13, 2001

Tucson, DM Scrapyards

New & noteworthy at Hamilton Aviation
N748DH B727 DHL
N749DH B727 DHL
N750DH B727 inside hgr - not visible on ramp
N751DH B727 Qatar n/t
N924LG DC-9 Legend, pulled out & being worked on

- N951PG B757 now gone, last noted 09Aug all white
- G-BPEA B757 re-registered N903PG, now gone, last noted 09Aug in
basic British Airways c/s, n/t.
- G-BPEB B757 re-registered N955PG, was present but looked ready to
depart. Basic British Airways c/s, n/t.

Visible at Bombardier
N699SW CL604
N5015T LJ60 primer [60-236]
C-??MP LJ31? white/green underside (Canada flag visible)

D-M Scrapyard notes
* Minden Aviation - I noticed an ex-USN P-3 missing engines, not sure if I
had seen that before.

* Consolidated
'0497' C-130 no park code visible

* Western
71-406 T-43
unidentified A-4 in the back

The following were noted just to the left (north) of the main gate, thru a
gap in the fence:
138034 T-33
"03" T-37 marked Willie
137936 T-33
'10900' T-38, + 1 more T-38 unreadable

The following were noted a little to the left of the above aircraft, in a
lot easily marked by the TWA DC-9 and the Casino B737.

N934L DC-9 TWA, fslg only, ex-Marana
N456TM B737 Casino Express, fslg only, ex-Coolidge, AZ
'28380' T-33
'23569' T-38
'38197' T-38
151038 A-4
'72341' T-37
'81962' T-37
'90350' ? T-37 park code TE804
'10908' T-38
'63129' T-38
'63234' T-38 being loaded onto a truck
'90289' T-37

Sunday, August 12, 2001

Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL) 8.11.01

N553NA, Grand Bahamas Island B727-200 (fish colors)
C6-BGL, Bahamas air, B737-200
N227FA, Lynx Air, Metroliner
N69741, Planet, B727-200
D-ALLO, Spirit, MD-80
N892MA, Lynx Air, Metroliner
YV-410CP, King Air 350
PT-LDR, Lear 60 (no engines and stripped)
VP-BNF, Challenger 600
N310FX, Challenger 600
YV-918CP, Commander
N40BT, Saberliner
N915AW, America West, B757-200 (Nevada Colors)
N51TV, Westwind
N915AX, Airborne Express, YS-11 (stored)
N914AX, Airborne Express, YS-11 (stored)
N912AX, Airborne Express, YS-11 (stored)
N922AX, Airborne Express, YS-11 (stored)
N819AX, Airborne Express, DC-8
N495AJ, Amerijet, B727-200
N994AJ, Amerijet, B727-200
N351AB, Air Sunshine, Cessna (402?)
-----Noted at the Gulfstream Hangar-----
N155GA, Grand Bahama Island, B1900 (full colors)
N190GA, Gulfstream, B1900
N196GA, Gulfstream, B1900
N197GA, Gulfstream, B1900
N181GA, Gulfstream, B1900
N187GA, Gulfstream, B1900
N188GA, Gulfstream, B1900
N189GA, Gulfstream, B1900
N152GA, Gulfstream, B1900
N69548, Gulfstream, B1900 (CO Express Colors)
N173RA, Glufstream, DHC-7

Miami, FL 8.11.01

N876AA, American, B727-200
N860AA, American, B727-200
N949AN, American, B737-800
N7277U, United, B727-200
N880AA, American, B727-200
N598AJ, Amerijet, B727-200 (winglets)
N505AU, Us Airways, B737-300
N111US, Us Airways, A320
N115DA, Delta, B767-200 (o/c)
9Y-SGI, BWIA, B737-800
N3075A, American, A300
PP-VMT, Varig Log, DC-10
N879AA, American, B727-200
N607AM, America, B757-200
N9307R, TWA, MD-80
N908PG, Falcon, B727-200
HB-IWT, Swissair, MD-11
N802MA, Miami Air, B727-200
N949AN, American, B737-800
N778NC, Northwest, DC-9-50
N911TW, TWA, MD-80 (o/c)
N757ME, Mexicana, B757-200 (Star Alliance c/s)
N706GA, Gulfstream, DHC-7
F-GITE, Air France, B747-400
N626AJ, Air Jamaica, A320
N68142, TACA Cargo, A300
HK4176X, TAMPA, DC-8
N196AJ, Amerijet, B727-200
N794AJ, Amerijet, B727-200
N451PA, Polar Air Cargo, B747-400
N534MC, Atlas, B747-200
N460TA, TACA, A320
N957AN, American, B737-800
N203AV, Falcon, B727-200
N121GV, AVIATECA, B737-200
N547TA, TACA, A320
N882AA, American, B727-200
EC-DIA, Iberia, B747-200
G-BDXG, British Airways, B747-200 (Sweden c/s)
EC-HGR, Iberia, A319
N806MA, Quest Cargo, B727-200
N861BC, IBC, Metroliner
N871BC, IBC, Metroliner
OE-LAZ, Lauda Air, B767-300
N329UP, UPS, B767-300
----Noted at North Storage Areas-----
5N-TKE, Triax Airlines, B727-100
HC-BPV, Aerolineas Nacionales Del Ecuador (ANDES), DC8 (parted out)
N54FA, Fine Air, DC8 (parted out)
N596AM, Royal Jordanian, L-1011 (parted out, no landing gear)
PP-AIV, All white, B727-200
----Noted at North Maintenance Facilities------
N512AX, Airborne Express, DC8
N501TR, Tradewinds, A300
CP-2365, Aerosur, B727-200
N452UP, UPS, B757-200
XA-SXO, Allegro, B727-200
N705PA, White, DC9
N947UP, UPS, B727-100
N140ME, CAC, DC-10 (no titles)
N24343, Falcon, B727-200
N25729, Kabo Air, B727-200
PP-BRH, no titles, B707 (ex Lan Chile?)
N147UP, UPS, DC8
N489, all white, MD80
N199AJ, Amerijet, B727-200
N889MA, Miami Air, B727-200
N808MA, Quest Cargo, B727-200
PT-TAM, Trans Brazil B767-300
N703AA, ex aa c/s no titles, B727-200 (B727 super conversion)
N705AA, ex aa c/s no titles, B727-200 (B727 super conversion)
N79749, Aeropostal, B727-200
N64696, “George Baker Flight School” titles, B707 (parked across the road at the school)

Opa Locka, FL (OPF) 8.12.01

UK 11418, Avia Leasing , AN128
UK 26001, Avia Leasing , AN228
N360CL, Cat Island Air, Bandarante (being scrapped)
N906F, F.B.Air, G 1
N17789, Platinum Air, B727-200
N204AU, all white, B737-200
N743RW, Radion Calypso, Shorts 360
UR 46838, Med Air, AN24RU
YV-988C, Aero Air, G1
N705GB, Atlantic Air, DC3
N437GB, Atlantic Air, DC3
N8099, no titles, DC3
N9382, Pro Frieght Cargo, DC3
N581HG, Can Air Cargo, Convair 580
N590HG, DHL, Electra
N66656, all white, DC8
N580CR, white with yellow flowers – titles marked out, B727-200
N583HG, Trans Air Link, Convair 580
N610RA, Saberliner
N930DC, G IV
N88BY, L35
XA-RPC, no markings, YS-11