Thursday, August 23, 2001

Goodyear (GYR)

8 Emery 727s will be at GYR at the end of today. In order of when they arrived: N426EX, N721JE, N435EX, N431EX, N526PC, N329QS are the 6 already present. RYN9002, RYN9005 are the 2 that arrived today.

Monday, August 20, 2001

Tucson (TUS)

New & noteworthy at Hamilton Aviation
N955PG B757 still present, basic BA c/s, ex G-BPEB
N748DH, N749DH B727 DHL
N751DH B727 being paint-stripped
9M-TGA B727 Transmile, inside main hangar
N___PG B727F a/w (could be N914PG)

Visible at Bombardier
A6-EJA LJ60 *** Port side has dual reg of A6-EJA / N254FY
N519DB CL604
N431FX LJ45 primer [45-177]
N11TK CL601
N499KR CL604 [5499]
N298DC CL604 [5503]
N3006J LJ60 [60-223]
N700AH GLEX primer
N283S GLEX primer
N823TR LJ45
N148C LJ31
N254FX LJ60
N5013N LJ60 [60-235]
N40084 LJ45?
N450TR LJ45
N601S CL601

Active & transient
XA-THB DC-9 If you eyeball this, it DOES look like -THG. If you put a
pair of bins on it though, it is CLEARLY XA-THB. I spent a few minutes
comparing both methods!!

N806MA B727 Quest Cargo
N510FE B721 FDX
N246FE B727 FDX

Some more DM scrapyard notes
* Western Int'l -
N308D L-188 full National Science Foundation c/s, parked

* K-Tech Aviation -
They have moved locations from near DMI Aviation to now where Bob's Airpark
used to be. Bob's is no longer around, all of the helicopters have been
moved to a nearby scrapyard. K-Tech has 6 or 7 ex-AMARC B707 airframes, all
easily seen from the road. I haven't stopped to log them yet as I have them
all when they were inside AMARC.

* DMI Aviation -
Nearby, the ex-USAir DC-9 fuselages still remain dumped in the grass. From
a past log, these are N940VJ, N989VJ, and N975VJ. Also nearby is C-131 5781
in faded USCG markings.

* National Aircraft -
MANY ex-AMARC B707s are now in this yard. The USAF auctioned a 'lot of 20'
(or 25) airframes a few months ago, and maybe more to come. I'll try to tie
these airframes up when the weather is cooler - they are packed in there
tightly. I also spotted ex USAir DC-9 N956VJ still visible - as a pile of
scrap metal!! Reg was visible on one piece of metal (for those desparate