Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Cactus Wings Aircraft Report

Happy Holidays to all!

* Ex-Varig B767-241ER PP-VNQ [23804], previously stored at Goodyear, was re-registered N767QT and ferried GYR-TUS-SNN on 11Dec-2003.

* Ex-Philippines B747-475 N971PG [25422], previously stored at Marana, has been painted for Aerolineas Argentinas and will be the first of the type for the carrier.

* A B727-200 registered 5N-OTI was ferried VCV-MIA on 17Dec. It was noted at MIA wearing basic Delta (1997 middle c/s). Previous ID or c/n??

* Northwest B747-251B N638US [23549], previously stored at Marana, was ferried MZJ-AMA on 19Dec-2003 for repaint into new colors.

* Ex Rio-Sul B737-500 PT-SSD [28565], previously stored at Goodyear, was repainted into AdamAir (Indonesia) colors and re-registered N565LS for air-testing. Departed 15Dec-2003 on delivery and was de-registered (nose gear door had 'KA'). Photo (and slide auction) at:

* Ex USAirways F-100 N860US [11295], previously stored at Mojave, was ferried MHV-CMH and eastward to Europe on 22Dec-2003.

* Ex-Gemini Air Cargo DC-10-30 N608GC [46921] was ferried GYR-PHX-LGW on 19Dec-2003.

* Ex-United Express/Air Wisconsin BAe ATP N856AW [2032], previously stored at Kingman, was noted arriving into Blackpool, UK, on 22Dec-2003 on delivery to Emerald Airways.

* An ex-UPS B727, either N211UP or N212UP (both stored at Roswell), was re-registered 9M-TGK and ferried ROW-OAK-HNL and westward on delivery to Transmile Air (Malaysia), on 21Dec-2003.

Aircraft movements


9M-TGK B72S airtest ROW (either N211UP or N212UP)
N971PG B744 airtest MZJ



ABD16P B747 Departed MZJ for BGR, but turned back to MZJ.
NWA9750 B747 MZJ-AMA N638US


SXA192 F100 MHV-CMH N860US

CHP2707 B732 MHV-LAS

EIA4242 B747 ONT-MZJ
GTI835 B747 SUU-ROW*
UPS9716 B727 LIT-ROW*

* - planned

Monday, December 22, 2003

Goodyear, AZ Dec13-2003
The report is as usual not complete, becasue of the way the aircraft are parked behind the hangar.

Airbus A300
0235 203 N307FV All white no titles/logo
0304 203 N308FV All white, with PAL tail fin.

Airbus A310
0570 324 N229BA Basic Singapore Airlines colors, no titles/logo

Airbus A319
0890 112 N701UW Full US Airways colors
0896 112 N702UW Full US Airways colors
0904 112 N703UW Full US Airways colors
1136 112 N725US Full US Airways colors
1155 112 N728UW Full US Airways colors
1170 112 N729US Full US Airways colors

Airbus A320
0283 211 N754US All white, dark tail color. No titles/logo
0857 232 N450UA Full United colors

Boeing 727
18843 76C N721JE United Postal Service colors
19089 22C N426EX United Postal Service colors
19090 22C N427EX United Postal Service colors
19097 22C N428EX United Postal Service colors
19099 22C N421EX United Postal Service colors
19287 51C N416EX United Postal Service colors
19289 51C N436EX United Postal Service colors
19290 61C N417EX United Postal Service colors
19475 223 N316NE United Postal Service colors
19495 223 N314NE United Postal Service colors
19597 82C N528PC United Postal Service colors
19665 172C N527PC United Postal Service colors
19702 223 N313NE United Postal Service colors
19703 223 N311NE United Postal Service colors
20042 134C N424EX United Postal Service colors
20190 223 N315NE United Postal Service colors
20193 223 N312NE United Postal Service colors
20643 232 N17789 Platinum colors
20661 224F EC-HBH All white
20662 224F EC-HBR as above
21248 224 N76752 All white no titles/logo
21364 227 N86426 All white no titles/logo
21366 227 C-FACW Allcanada colors, no titles/logo/registration
21495 281F N328FV White with Australian Air Express titles.
21557 222 N7279U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21565 222 N7287U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21566 222 N7288U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21567 222 N7289U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21569 222 N7291U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21570 222 N7292U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21571 222 N7293U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21572 222 N7294U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21826 2Q8 N831L Basic Delta colors
21892 222 N7297U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21897 222 N7443U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21901 222 N7447U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21905 222 N7451U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21906 222 N7452U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21908 222 N7454U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21913 222 N7459U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
21989 231 N84357 Basic Capital Cargo colors, no titles/logo

Boeing 737
21735 2Q8 N121NJ Full old Vanguard colors
21927 2S2C N806AL Full Aloha colors.
22575 2U9 N149AW Full America West colors, no engines
22792 2E3 N138AW Full America West colors, no engines
22859 247 N235WA full Delta Express colors
22979 2T5 N120NJ Full old Vanguard colors
23091 232 N319DL Full Delta Express colors
23104 232 N332DL Full Delta Express colors
23185 247 N237WA Full Delta Express colors
23218 3G7 N150AW Basic America West Airlines colors, no titles/logo
23219 3G7 N151AW Basic Amercia West Airlines colors, no titles/logo
23359 3TO N14308 Basic Continental colors, no titles logo (except partly logo on rudder)
24360 322 N354UA Full United colors
24361 322 N355UA Full United colors
24362 322 N356UA Full United colors
24454 322 N361UA Full United colors
25100 4Q8 N763AS Full Alaksa Airlines colors (For maint?)
25105 4Q8 N772AS Full Alaska Airlines colors (For maint?)
28565 56N N565LS Full AdamAir colors, was out for engine test

Boeing 747
21550 206B N725SA Basic KLM colors, no titles/logo
22709 SR-81 JA8156 Basic All Nippon colors, no titles/logo
24066 412 N728BA All white with blue tail, no titles/logo
24405 4H6 N73714 Basic Malaysian Airways colors, no titles/logo/registration

Boeing 757
23227 236 N227AN White/grey colors, no titles/logo

Boeing 767
22215 232 N103DA Full Delta colors
22218 232 N106DA Full Delta colors
22224 232 N112DL Full Delta colors
22226 232 N114DL Full Delta colors
22227 232 N115DA Full Delta colors
23801 241 PP-VNN Full VARIG colors
23802 241 PP-VNO Full VARIG colors
23803 241 PP-VNP full VARIG colors
23805 241 PP-VNR full VARIG colors
23806 241 PP-VNS full VARIG colors
27962 332ER N186DN Full Delta colors

Boeing 777
26917 222 N766UA Full United colors
26935 222 N789UA Full United colors
27108 236 N702BA All white, no titles/logo
27109 236 N703BA All white, no titles/logo
28714 222 N205UA Full United colors
30213 222 N207UA Full United colors
30214 222 N208UA Full United colors

British Aerospace BAe-146 (Avro RJ-85A)
E.2351 N526XJ Full Northwest Airlink colors
E.2352 N527XJ Full Northwest Airlink colors
E.2363 N529XJ Full Northwest Airlink colors

Douglas DC-7C
45549 N777EA No titles/logo

Douglas DC-9
48125 32 N481SF Basic Aeromexico colors, no titles/logo
48126 32 XA-AMB Basic Aeromexicolors, no titles logo.

McDonnell Douglas MD-80
49111 82 N951AS All white, no titles/logo.
49233 83 N932AS All white, no titles/logo.
49480 82 N15820 Basic Continental colors, no titles logo (except parly on rudder).
49399 83 N316FV Full Transjet colors
49442 83 N494AP Full Avioimpex colors
49483 82 N76823 Basic Continental colors, no titles/logo
49777 87 N807NK All white no titles/logo, no engines

Douglas DC-10
47812 N1853U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
46540 N304SP All white no titles/logo
47889 N306FV All white no titles/logo

McDonnel Douglas MD-11
48476 N805DE Full Delta colors
48479 N808DE Full Delta colors
48480 N809DE Full Delta colors
48499 PP-VPN Full VARIG colors
48500 PP-VPO Full VARIG colors.
48501 PP-VPP Full VARIG colors
48565 N810DE Full Delta colors
48579 N276UP All white no titles/logo
48600 N813DE Full Delta colors
48601 N812DE Full Delta colors
48623 N814DE Full Delta colors
48624 N815DE Full Delta colors
48774 N275UP All white no titles/logo.

Airbus A320-232
1935 reg N601AW Dec05-2003 to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee on lease to America West Airlines. Ferried from Germany as N601AW Dec19-2003 to Macon, GA for D-check.