Saturday, August 02, 2003

Phoenix Jul29-2003

Another visit to Goodyear, AZ July 28-2003. Didn't get a chance to visit the Southwestern corner of Goodyear for two reason one the usual time! But Timco has started to be not too happy about out hobby!
Timco have re-arange most of the aircraft on the field, so all the US Postal/Emery are parked in the northeastern end of the field, All the United/Delta B737 and the two America West B737-300 and Vanguard B737-200 are parked in the south-westerly corner.

But here is a list of the confirmed sightings.

Airbus A319
946 112 N706US Full US Airways colors
1136 112 N726US Full US Airways colors
3 more stored (all at the hangar ramp) but unable to read the registration but I am sure they are N707UW/N728UW/N729US.

Airbus A300

235 B4-203 N307FV All white no titles/logo
304 B4-203 N308FV Basic Philippine Airlines tail colors, no titles, cargo door cvtd.

Boeing 727:

18843 76C N721JE Full US Postal colors
19090 22C N427EX Full US Postal colors
19097 22C N428EX Full US Postal colors
19099 22C N421EX Full US Postal colors
19287 51C N416EX Full US Postal colors
19288 51C N435EX Full US Postal colors
19289 51C N436EX Full US Postal colors
19290 51C N417EX Full US Postal colors
19475 223 N316NE Full US Postal colors
19495 223 N314NE Full US Postal colors
19597 82C N528PC Full US Postal colors
19665 172C N527PC Full US Postal colors
19702 223 N313NE Full US Postal colors
19703 223 N311NE Full US Postal colors
20042 134C N424EX Full US Postal colors
20053 231 N64320 Full Sportshawk colors.
20190 223 N315NE Full US Postal colors
20193 223 N312NE Full US Postal colors
20643 232 N17789 Full Patinum colors.
20661 224F EC-HBH All white no titles logo
21055 200 C-FACR Allcanada logo on tail
21247 227 N73751 All white, no titles/logo
21248 224 N76752 All white, no titles/logo
21364 227 N86426 All white, no titles/logo
21366 227 C-FACW Allcanada logo on tail
21416 222 N7269U Basic United colors, no titles/logo.
21571 222 N7293U Basic United colors, no titles/logo.
21826 2Q8 N831L Full Delta colors, minus engines
21892 222 N7297U Basic Untied colors, no titles/logo.
21901 222 N7447U Basic United colors, no titles/logo.
21906 222 N7452U Basic United colors, no titles/logo.
21913 222 N7459U Basic United colors, no titles/logo.
21989 231 N84357 Basic Capital colors, a thin golden stripe, no ttiles/logo

Boeing 737:

21720 2Q9 N809AL Full Aloha colors, minus many parts, including undercarriage, emergency exits, radome and more.
21735 2Q8 N121NJ Full Vanguard old colors
21927 2S2C N806AL Full Alhoa Airlines colors
22575 2U9 N149AW Full America West colors, no engines.
22646 277A N179AW Full America West colord, no engines
22792 2E3 N138AW Full America West colors, no engines.
22979 2T5 N120NJ Full Vanguard old colors
23105 232 N334DL Full Delta colors, on the hangar ramp
23184 247 N236WA Full Delta colors
23218 3G7 N150AW Basic America West colors, no titles/logo.
23219 3G7 N151AW Basic America West colors, no titles/logo.
24455 322 N362UA Full United colors
25191 5Y0 PT-SSM Full Rio Sul colors
28565 56N PT-SSD Full Rio Sul colors

Boeing 757:

22185 236 N951PG White/grey colors, no titles/logo
23227 236 N227AN White/grey colors, no titles/logo on the hangar ramp
26241 200 EC-FXV All white no titles/logo

Boeing 767:

22224 232 N112DL Full Delta colors
22226 232 N114DL Full Delta colors
22227 232 N115DA Full Delta colors
23801 241 PP-VNN Full VARIG colors
23802 241 PP-VNO Full VARIG colors
23803 241 PP-VNP Full VARIG colors
23804 241 PP-VNQ Full VARIG colors
23805 241 PP-VNR Full VARIG colors
23806 241 PP-VNS Full VARIG colors
24802 332ER N174DN Full Delta colors
27962 332ER N186DN Full Delta colors

Boeing 777:

27108 236 N702BA All white no titles/logo
27109 236 N703BA All white no titles/logo
30213 222ER N207UA Full United colors
30214 222ER N208UA Full United colors

Douglas DC-9
48125 32 XA-AMA Basic Aeromexico colors, no titles/logo/registration

McDonnell Douglas MD-80:

49114 MD82 N14890 Full Continental Airlines colors, (Not confirmed)
49118 MD82 N14889 Full Conitinental Airlines colors, (Not confirmed)
49233 MD82 N932AS all white. "Alaska" rudder
49442 MD83 N494AP Full colors
49480 MD82 N15820 Full Continental Airlines colors.
49777 MD87 N807NK All white colors, no titles/logo

Douglas DC-10:

46540 30 N304SP All white no titles/logo
46930 10 N167AA Basic American colors, no titles/logo, is back in the storage area, after being on the hangar ramp for a couple of months.
46991 30 N35084 All white no titles/logo still in process of being scrpped but very slowly.
47812 30F N1853U Basic United colors, no titles/logo
47889 30 N306FV All white no titles/logo
47908 30F N322FE Basic FedeEx colors, no titles/logo

McDonnell Douglas MD-11:

48476 N805DE Full Delta colors
48479 N808DE Full Delta colors
48480 N809DE Full Delta colors
48501 PP-VPP Full VARIG colors
48519 N273WA Full World colors, inside a hangar, so not sure if it is in for a check or for storage?
48565 N810DE Full Delta colors.
48575 N274UP All white no titles/logo.
48601 N812DE Full Delta colors
48623 N814DE Full Delta colors.

Friday, August 01, 2003

Cactus Wings Aircraft Report

News items
* Happy 20th Birthday, America West Airlines!

* America West Express (Freedom Airlines) took delivery of two new aircraft this week: CRJ-700 N513MJ [10111] and CRJ-900 N906FJ [15006].

* Frontier A318 N802FR [1991] was delivered XFW-YQX-PHX on 31Jul-2003. Departed Phoenix on 01Aug-2003, and will presumably enter service.

* Embraer ERJ170 PP-XJD was noted at Phoenix-Deer Valley Airport on 30Jul-2003 for testing at Honeywell.

* Ex-Continental MD80 N14890 [49114], currently stored at Goodyear, has been leased to PT Lion Airlines of Indonesia.

* Lufthansa B767-300 D-ABUV [29867] first seen at Phoenix on 01Aug-2003 operating LH448 FRA-PHX. Aircraft wears the Star Alliance c/s with a black tail.

Aircraft movements
N1732D L10 VCV-ARA
UAL9750 B777 LAX-GYR N208UA


UAL9884 B733 GYR-SFO N372UA
UAL9894 B732 VCV-TUS N996UA

N229AN A320 MEX-TUS*
UAL9753 B777 SFO-GYR N205UA
UAL9754 B777 LAX-GYR N766UA
UAL9882 B733 GYR-LAX N370UA
UAL9892 A320 ORD-GYR N450UA
VRG9940 B733 MIA-GYR

NWA9752 DC-9 MSP-MZJ N3991C

FFT9305 B733 DEN-ROW* N305FA

* planned