Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Kingman, AZ Aug25-2004.

British Aerospace BAe3100/3201 Jetstream

11 parked on the runway and several parked behind a hangar there fore the list are not complete, and as it was windy that day hangar gates were closed, so unable to get those inside.
The list belowe are confirmed sightings.

602 N422MX Fuselage only
603 D-CJRA Fuselage only
615 N822JS Fuselage only
617 N420MX Fuselage only
624 N400MX Fuselage only, hole cut in fuselage around the aft two cabin windows on the right hand side, plus fuselage moved to other end of the airport.
627 N924JS Fuselage only
628 N401MX Fuselage only
630 N402MX Fuselage only
633 N825JS Fuselage only
662 N303PX Fuselage only
814 N470UE
823 N472UE
824 N3108
849 N474UE
858 N858CY
865 N865CY
866 N866AE
870 N870CY
874 N874CP
879 N879CP
881 N431AM
885 N433AM
886 N886CP
888 N888CY
891 N436AM
895 N481UE
896 N896CP
898 N483UE
906 N487UE
907 N488UE
908 N489UE
909 N490UE
910 N910AE
913 N913AE
914 N914AE
915 N915AE
916 N916AE
919 N919AE
927 N927AE
930 N930AE
935 N339TE
940 N940AE
943 N943AE
952 N952AE
954 N342TE
958 N958AE
961 N961AE
962 N962AE
963 N963AE
964 N964AE
965 N965AE
966 N966AE
972 N972JX

Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Still in TWA colors

1063 N15017 very derelict
1080 N31023 very derelict

SAAB SF-340B All in full American Eagle colors
211 N211NE
218 N218AE
219 N219AE
232 N232AE
236 N236AE
238 N238AE
240 N240DS
250 N250AE
253 N253AE
286 N286AE
298 N298AE
304 N304AE
323 N323AE

McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30
53367 N901DC Very derelict still in Douglas house colors

McDonnell Douglas MD-87
49388 N87MD All white, very derelict

Fairchild C-123 Provider
20064 N546S

Douglas DC-4
10547 N3054V "162"
35934 N90203 "163"
27284 N96358 "160"

Beech C-45
AF-153 N9816Z Pink

Boeing 727-100/200
18275 25 N708DH DHL titles/logo painted out
18321 22C N707DH DHL titles/logo painted out
19010 30C N703DH DHL titles/logo painted out
19191 22C N705DH DHL titles/logo painted out
19545 228F N721DH DHL titles/logo painted out
19618 155C N715DH DHL titles/logo painted out
19793 30C N702DH DHL titles/logo painted out
19862 228F N724DH DHL titles/logo painted out
19968 82C N709DH DHL titles/logo painted out
20204 228F N727DH DHL titles/logo painted out
20409 228F N726DH DHL titles/logo painted out
22476 259F N901RF Kitty Hawk
22549 225F N902RF Kitty Hawk, moved to hangar area

No trace of any of the ex BAX/Iberia/Delta Air Lines B727 so either flown out or broken up. Can anyone give the dates?????????

Douglas DC-8-73F Both in basic Emery colors, no titles/logo
46086 N870TV
46103 N795FT
Las Vegas McCarran Aug24-2004
Boeing 757-2G
524497 N740PA Primaris parked, gone by Aug30-2004.
Fokker F-28 Mk0100
11392 N897US full US Airways colors, parked at the hangar area, being worked at. Gone by Aug30-2004,That is the first time since I came to LAS for the first time in 1966, that there isn't a single stored aircraft!!!!!!!!!!

Las Vegas North Terminal Aug24-2004.

Donier DO-228
8045 N408VA Stored at Vision Air ramp
8110 N110DN Stored at Vision Air ramp
8117 N117DN Stored at Vision Air ramp
8121 N260MC Stored at Vision Air ramp
8135 N269MC Stored at Vision Air ramp
8085 N402VA Visionair in service in old colors
8097 N409VA Visionair in service in new colors
8144 N405VA Visionair in service in new colors

British Aerospace BAe3201 Jetstream
876 N876CP Seen inside Visionair hangar no titles/logo
920 N920AE Seen in service with Visionair titles, and a red and blue stripe

Fairchild F-27
097 N366SB ParkedDe havilland

DHC-6-300 Twin otter
388 N94AR parked in front of Cheyenne Air hangar
723 N255SA parked in front of Cheyenne Air hangar

834558 N49HM parked, hasn't been flying for a very long time.

Boulder City, NV Aug25-2004

Fokker F-27-600
10394 N280AE Still parked in full Eagle colors,(Both N278MA 10280and N279MA 10297 were gone)

Bulhead City, AZ Aug25-2004

Boeing 737-3Y0
23749 N3737 Vacation Express parked, possible for a flight later that day.
Cactus Wings News

News items
* Ex-American (TWA) B757-200 N719TW [28487], currently at Goodyear, was noted in full Uzbekistan Airlines c/s on 26Aug-2004.

* Ex-Duo CRJ-700 G-DUOB [10029] ferried from Billund, Denmark to Tucson on 24Aug-2004 via Goose Bay and Winnipeg.

* Ex-Air Canada B767-200 C-GAVF [22528], currently stored at Mojave, will be scrapped.

* Ex-UPS B727-100s N909UP [19115] and N910UP [19117], currently stored at Roswell, will be scrapped.

* Southwest took delivery of two new aircraft at Phoenix. N479WN [33990] was noted on 23Aug-2004, and N480WN [33998] was noted on 26Aug-2004.

* Hawaiian B767-300 N592HA [33468] was noted at Phoenix on 26/27Aug-2004 transporting the Oakland Raiders football team for a game vs Arizona.

* The Cleveland Cavaliers B737-200 N583CC [21069] was noted at Phoenix on 29Aug-2004, parked at Swift Aviation.

* Aeronca 11AC N86231 [11AC-35] was noted on the back of a low-loader near Casa Grande, AZ on 22Aug-2004. Photo:

* And finally, an update to an airplane that captured our attention like no other. The beloved Northeast Airlines L-1011 3D-NEG [1066], currently stored at Dallas-Love, has been leased to Worldair Leasing, Gambia. It will be painted and refurbished at DAL.

Aircraft movements



NWA9868 B747 SEA-MZJ N642US

Any tie-ups on the above, or anything I may have missed, would be appreciated!