Wednesday, April 24, 2002

LOG PHX 4.24.02
West side GA ramps:
N737Q - B737-200
N1904P - CL600
N552SK - L60
N359EJ - Cessna 560
N403CW - Beechjet
N796TA - Beechjet
N181RK - Falcon 200
N191VF - Cessna 560
N372EJ - Cessna 560
N237FX - L60
N800PA - BAE125

Tuesday, April 23, 2002


Boeing 737-33A
23631 N172AW Flew Mojave-Mexico City Apr22-2002 on delivery, still in full America West colors.

Monday, April 22, 2002

Dustbowl 2002 Wrap up 4.22.02

TUL 4.06.02
Another trip to TUL revealed yet another museum. The museum is owned and operated by the Spartan School of Aeronautics. There are a few interesting aircraft to note, a Navy F-14 being the highlight and takes up a majority of the museum floor. There are also some interesting displays from past aviation activity in the Tulsa area and a nice library that has some interesting information on the history of aviation in Oklahoma. Admission is around $4 per person. If you are in Tulsa and on a tight time schedule you wont miss a lot if you don’t make it by the museum however they are moving to a new building in a few years that is supposed to be “Bigger and better” than the current one.

We next ventured to the north end of the airport near where the Alitalia DC-8’s have been stored. After asking nicely the clerk at the FBO agreed to escort us to the ramp to photograph the DC-8’s (photos posted in the photos section soon). Supposedly the DC-8 were flown in about 20 years ago to undergo hush-kit modifications and were never picked up by Alitalia. They were since re-possessed by the bank and have sat on the ramp at TUL since. They are soon to be broken up, however they are for sale.

We then got a tour of one of the hangars at the FBO which had some very interesting military jets including Various MIG’s, a Drakken and a Harrier, most of which were inside a hangar and not visible from the outside. The Harrier that is on the ramp is supposedly the same harrier that was won thru a controversial contest at Pepsi a few years ago.

OKC 4.06.02
Exploring Tinker Air Force Base a little closer, revealed a small park with military aircraft displayed. The park is open to the public during day hours and has about 6 aircraft parked in it ranging from an F4 to a B-52. The park is a definite must see to any military aviation buff. We did take some photos, which will be posted to the photos section shortly. Another website also has comments from past visitors to the museum at

Will Rogers Intl, a few new visitors on the AAR ramp:
TU-TIX, all white F-28 (ex 488US?)
N304AW America West B737-300, no tail markings (lease return)
6Y-JMX Air Jamaica Express SH-360
N366MQ Skyway SH-360

Another area of interest in the OKC area is the fair grounds. A B52, B46 and DC3 are mounted on 20 - 30' poles and serve as a covered walkway. You can walk up to the aircraft and read about thier history, worth a visit but not something that should take time out of your other activities if you are on a tight time schedule. Photos of this area are also coming soon.

DFW 4.07.02
Our trip to DFW was severely hampered due to a very large rain storm. Because of the very dreary spotting conditions we decided to visit the American Airlines CR Smith Museum. If anyone is in the DFW are, this museum is HIGHLY recommended! Admission is free as well as a visit to the theater where you sit on leather first class seats as they play about a 20-minute “History of American Airlines” video on a huge IMAX theater sized screen. You can then take a tour through the restored American DC-3 that is in pristine shape. Perhaps the biggest highlight of the museum is the gift shop where they have a massive collection of Gemini Jets/Dragon Wings/Herpa Wings, etc. I would plan to budget at least 2 hours for the trip. (photos coming soon)

Confirming past reports, DFW is not good for photography, however spotting is possible from a few perimeter spots as well as the terminal areas.

ICT 4.13.02
I found yet another museum at the McConnel AFB. The museum is named the Kansas Aviation Museum and has a variety of general aviation and military aircraft available. The museum is still in the process of converting the old terminal building so some displays are not quite complete. The old traffic control tower on top of the building gives great overall views of the Air Base and the Boeing ramp. Admission is $2 per person, this museum is definately worth a stop if your in the ICT area. Their website has a great deal of information about the museum and is located at

Aircraft on the ramp at the museum:
T37 - 81977
U8-F O-23838
Lear(45?) N505PF
C210? PP-OTI
B-52 50094

Seen on the Boeing Ramp:
Various B-52's and KC-135's
N708CK - Kallita Air B747 (no engines)
Presidential 757 (VC-32?) (could not read reg)

Seen at ICT while waiting for the flight back to Arizona:
N8532G Northwest CRJ
N1409B American F-100
N77286 America West Express CRJ
N920UA United B737-500

Note: Photos from the trip will be posted to cactuswings within a few days under the “Photos” section.

Sunday, April 21, 2002



Boeing 727-227
21045 N17773 Monfort Aviation LLC, still in basic Sportshawk colors, no titles/logo, tail painted blue with a thin red/white stripe, (no longer stored GYR)