Friday, September 05, 2003

Cactus Wings Aircraft Report

News items

* Ex-TWA L-1011 N31023 [1080], currently stored at Kingman, has been acquired by Viva International. No details were given on the intent of this purchase.

* Beech 1900C N138GA [UC-138], previously stored at Marana, departed the USA on 01Sep on delivery to National Airways, South Africa.

* Ex-Delta L-1011 N730DA [1199] ferried ROW-HNL on 02Sep. It then filed HNL-GUM on 03Sep but cancelled the flight after posting 3 departure times. On 04Sep, N730DA filed HNL-GUM, and departed Honolulu, but my flighttracker shows it as "arrived" at Midway Island (MDY), not Guam. Today, 05Sep, N730DA filed GUM-BKK twice, and both plans were cancelled.

N508AU B733 departed MHV

N730DA L10 ROW-HNL (see above)
NWA9868 A320 PHX-MZJ
UAL9745 B744 SFO-VCV

AAL9675 F100 DFW-MHV N1434A
AAL9676 F100 DFW-MHV N1426A
NWA9871 B747 DTW-MZJ

AAL9606 B767 DFW-ROW
AAL9608 B767 JFK-ROW N308AA
AAL9609 F100 DFW-MHV N1437B
AAL9610 F100 DFW-MHV N1461C
AAL9611 F100 DFW-MHV N1420D
AAL9612 F100 DFW-MHV
AAL9615 B767 LAX-ROW N305AA


As always, tie-ups are appreciated!

Sunday, August 31, 2003

Kingman, AZ Aug20-2003

Beech C-45
AF-153 N9816E Pink, no titles/logo, no registration.

British Aerospace BEe3100/3201 Jetstream
D-CJRA Fuselage only, white/blue colros, with small titles on the nose Gold Aviation Ltd.
830 LV-VEI Full LAE colors
831 LV-VEJ As above
832 LV-WCZ As above
662 N303PX Fuselage only in basic Northwest Express colors
824 N3108 All white no titles/logo
863 N3126 Trans West (parked on the other side of the runway)
929 N337TE As above
932 N338TE TW Express
935 N339TE TW Express
939 N340TE TW Express
954 N342TE TW Express, parked on the other side of the runway
955 N343TE TW Express, parked on the other side of the runway
624 N400MX Eastern Metro Express colors, fuselage only
628 N401MX As above
630 N402MX As above
632 N403MX As above (unable to read registration, due to the position)
631 N406MX Basic Eastern Metro Express colors, fuselage only
794 N417UE Sunrise Airlines
617 N420MX Basic Eastern Metro Express colors, fuselage only
602 N422MX As above
796 N424UE Sunrise Airlines
798 N425UE United Express (Parked on the other side of the runway)
806 N428UE Sunrise Airlines
806 N429UE United Express
784 N430UE Sunrise Airlines
881 N431AM Discover Air
813 N431UE Sunrise Airlines
885 N433AM TW Express
887 N434AM TW Express, Parked on the other side of the runway.
889 N435AM TW Express, Parked ont he other side of the runway.
891 N436AM TW Express
814 N470UE Basic United Express colors, no titles/logo
821 N471UE As above
823 N472UE As above
828 N473UE As above
849 N474UE As above
850 N475UE As above
884 N476UE As above
890 N477UE As above
892 N478UE As above
893 N479UE As above
894 N480UE As above
898 N483UE As above (Inside hangar)
909 N490UE As above
911 N491UE As above
900 N496UE As above, (Parked on the other side of the runway)
904 N497UE As above, (As above)
615 N822JS Basic USAir Express colors, fuselage only
627 N824JS As above, As above
633 N825JS As above, As above
866 N866AE Basic USAir Express colors, no titles/logo
867 N867AE Parked on the other side of the runway
870 N870CY Green white colors. no titles logo
873 N873JX Discover Air
874 N874CP Green/white colors, no titles/logo
879 N879CP As above
886 N886CP As above
888 N888CY As above
896 N896CP As above
913 N913AE Basic USAir Express colors
914 N914AE As above
915 N915AE All white, no titles/logo
916 N916AE As above
920 N920AE As above
927 N927AE Basic USAir Express colors
930 N930AE As above
934 N923AE All white no titles/logo
952 N952AE Basic USAir Express colors
957 N957AE Basic US Airways Express
958 N958AE Basic American Eagle colors, no titles/logo
959 N959AE Nasic US Airways Express colors. No titles/logo
961 N961AE Basic US Airways Express colors. No titles/logo
962 N962AE As above
963 N963AE As above
964 N964AE As above
966 N966AE As above
972 N972JX Trans State


211 N211NE Full American Eagle colors
218 N218AE As above
219 N219AE As above
232 N232AE As above
236 N236AE As above
238 N238AE As above
240 N240DS As above
250 N250AE As above
253 N253AE As above
259 N259AE As above
283 N283AE As above
298 N298AE As above
301 N301AE As above
304 N304AE As above
323 N323AE As above

British Aerospace ATP
2028 N854AW Full old United Express colors
2029 N855AW As above
2032 N856AW Full current United Express colors.

Fairchild C-123
20064 N546S

Douglas DC-4
35930 N51802
35934 N90203 Minsu control surfaces.
27284 N96358 Inside hanagar, Water bomber "160"

Douglas DC-8-73F
46103 N795FT Basic Emery colors, not tiltes
46086 N870TV As above, minus engines

McDonnell Douglas MD-87
49388 N87MD All white, no titles/logo, minus many parts, will def. not fly again

McDonnell Douglas MD-90
53367 N901DC Very derelict in McDonnell Douglas House colors, minus many many parts, will not fly again..

Boeing 727
21781 C5-ABM 256 Still in basic Iberia colors, no engines.
21431 N515DA 232 Basic Delta colors, no titles/logo, being b/u, no undercarriage, engines, and many other parts
21432 N516DA 232 Basic Delta colors, no titles/logo, minus engines, ther wise intact.
21433 N517DA 232 Basic Delta colors, no titles/logo, being b/u, no undercarriage, engines, and many other parts
19793 N702DH 30C Full DHL colors
19010 N703DH 30C As above
19134 N705A 21 Little part of the green colored fuselage part left.
19191 N705DH 22C Full DHL colors
18321 N707DH 22 Full DHL colors
18275 N708DH 25 As above
19968 N709DH 82C As above
19401 N712DH 29 As above
19618 N715DH 155C As above
19389 N717DH 23 As above
19862 N724DH 228 As above
20204 N727DH 228 As above
22476 N901RF 259F Full Kitty Hawk colors, no engines
22549 N902RF 225F As above

Boeing 737
19713 N465AC 293 The fuselage parts finally gone!
22061 N63SW 2H4 Baisc Southwest Airlines colors, no titles/logo

Boeing 747-206B
19922 N531AW Cockpit section finally gone!

Lockheed L-1011 TriStar
1063 N15017 TWA old colors
1080 N31023 TWA old colors
1232 N7036T Bais TWA colors, no titles/logo

Boulder City, NV Aug20-2003

Fokker F-27 Friendship
10287 N278MA 200 Seen parked in full Eagle colors
10297 N279MA 200 As above
10394 N280EA 600 As above