Saturday, March 30, 2002

"Dust-Bowl" tour 2002 - Update 3.30.02

Today I drove West from Oklahoma city to explore the Clinton/Sherman (CSM) airport and then continued on to Pampa, TX where my grandfather briefly flew as a WWII B25 instructor pilot in 1943.

On the drive to CSM (about 80miles west of OKC) I ran across the "Thomas P. Stafford Air and Space Museum" in Weatherford, OK at the Weatherford Airport. The airport is located just to the north of I-40 and admission to the museum is free (however donations are appreciated). The museum has a nice collection of fighter aircraft and various pieces of spacecraft. They have a website located at . Below is a quick list of some of the aircraft inside the museum:
81075 - F86
79430 - F16B
14956 - T38
29846 - T33 (on display outside airport enterance)
60932 - F104 (on display outside airport entrance)

Parked on the ramp at Weatherford airpoft:
C-FHAU Aerospatiale AS 350 (helicopter)

I then continued on to Clinton/Sherman airport. Once I arrived I was dissapointed at the lack of aircraft on the airport. The only 3 aircraft (or evidence thereof) on the field were an all white B747-200 with the reg blocked out, the nose section of a Continental DC-10 and a small section of an Austral Airlines fueselage. If your ever in the area and have time it may be worth a stop however if you are in a hurry you may want to try to get confirmation that something is actually there before stopping by. It is about a 30min round trip south of Interstate 40.

Continuing on with a 2 1/2hr drive to Pampa, TX, I suprisingly found the "Pampa Army Air Field/Vetrans of Foreign Wars Museum". This museum has a lot of information on war history in both Pampa, TX as well as other parts of the world. The museam is currently trying to re-locate a B25 onto their front lawn for display. Right now there is a B25, minus its wings, located at the Pampa Airport that was going to be re-located to the museum, however they are now tyring to swap the aircraft for a different B25 that is currently in Florida. If you are looking for any specific information on AT9's, AT10's, AT17's, B24's or B25's I would highly recommend this museum. If you dont have time to visit, i am sure you could write or call them. They have a website located at that has more information on the museum. They were able to help me find some very interesting information on my Grandfather while he was stationed in Pampa. I briefly visited the Pampa airport, most of the buildings from the WWII era are now gone and repalced with newer hangars. The old control tower still exists and a few older buildings. In addition to the B25 listed above there is a small hangar that was closed that looked like it had some type of WWII era aircraft in it, however I cannot verify that. No other aircraft were seen on the field.
"Dust-Bowl" tour 2002 - Update 3.29.02

Oklahoma City, OK (OKC) 3.29.02
N840FJ, Falcon 50
N271WA, World MD-11

Oklahoma City, OK (OKC) 3.28.02
N16808, A/W MD-80
N208US, Usa Jet DC-9
N154JR, Convair 340

Friday, March 29, 2002

Aircraft movements week of 3.24.2002

N132AA DC10 arr MHV

VIR805 B747 LHR-MHV..........G-VZZZ


N17773 B72S IWA-GYR

N17773 B72S GYR-TUS
AMT7192 L10 IND-VCV.......N192AT
BAW9286 B763 YMX-MHV......G-BNWD
UPS9117 B72S SDF-GYR......N213UP


*** A few weeks ago, L1011 Tristar 9L-LDE departed VCV. This has been now
reported as ex N740DA.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

"Dust-Bowl" tour 2002 - Update 3.27.02

Ardmore, OK (ADM) 3.26.02

N361DH, A300 A/W (Being scrapped)
N10236, B732 ex Continental Airlines (hulk and wings only)
N96S, DC-9-10 ex Northwest Airlines (hulk and wings only)
N847AA, B727-223 American Airlines (being scrapped)
N4718U, B747-200 United (O/C) missing engines
P-51 Parked on the ramp (could not read the REG)

No other aircraft on the airfield. Many remains of other aircraft exist on the field such as several main landing gear trucks with weels attached. A very easy place to get photographs, security is basically non-existant. If your ever in the area, it would be worth your time to stop by.

Log Oklahoma City, OK (OKC) 3.27.02

G-XLAD, Miami Air B737-800
N871RA, American MD-80
N488US, All White F-28
N105HS, Hawker 125
N450MA, MU2
N93641, USAF Beechjet
N90401, USAF Beechjet
N98LF, LF 2100

Monday, March 25, 2002

"Dust-Bowl" tour 2002
I am attending a class in Oklahoma City for 3 weeks. In my free time I plan to check out as many area airports as possible. I will report my findings to this page when I get them. Also check out the ACARS section, I am running ACARS from Oklahoma City and have been getting some interesting movements. I tenatively have planned trips to ADM, DFW, AFW, DAL, TUL, AMA, Pampa, TX and possibly Joplin, MO, LIT and Texarcana. If you have any special requests you can let me know at

Below is my initial log from my first day at ICT and OKC, stay tuned for more from the area later this week.

Wichita, KS (ICT) 4.24.02
N43GA B1900
N82805 B2000
N555KG B2000
N30539 B1900D (All grey with Air France Stripes on rudder)
N31134 B1900
N819MA Dash 8 (Blue tail and bottom)
N999P B2000
N85704 B1900D
N380V CL-600-1A11
N425RA L25
N4171G AA F100
N1645U Emery Worldwide B72S
N702FX FedEx Cessna Caravan
N912FE FedEx Cessna Caravan

Seen at the ICT Cessna Factory Ramp 3.24.02:
N51038 Citation 560
N98AC Citation 560
N44FJ Citation 525
N878C Cessna Caravan
N5263U Cessna Caravan (on pontunes)
N5214J Citation ?
N611ST Citation 560
N668YB Citation ?
N541JG Citation 550
N741PP Citation 550
LV-ZXW Citation 560?
N263CJ Citation 525A
N877RB Citation 560
N14VF Citation 560
N1217V Citation 560
N552HV Citation 560
N416UP Citation 560
N1286C Citation 560
N106BB Citation 550
N155JH Citation 560
N44KW Citation 550
N8CN Citation ?
N943QS Citation 750
N173CX Citation 760
N851WC Citation 560
N894Q Citation 525
N128SL Citation 650
N651CG Citation 650

Oklahoma City, OK (OKC) 3.24.02
N727CF A/W B727-22 (with winglets)
N10033 A/W MD-82
N341CT Dash 8 (no markings)
N343CT Dash 8 (no markings)
N685CA Champion Air B727-200
N809NY A/W MD-80
N366MQ Shorts 360 "Skyway" titles
N840FJ Falcon 50
Tucson (TUS) 3.23.02

Hamilton Aviation ramp
9Y-THR MD80 a/w
N16982 A300 ex Akdeniz Airlines - now pulled out of storage
N203AV B72S Falcon Air
(N751DH) B72F a/s, inside hgr

* Cv580 N5822, ex Atlantic Gulf, now completely broken up.
* HU16 N39SB, in a yellow c/s, is now gone (exported to Mexico?)
* Viscount N145RA, now completely broken up.
* B737 N902WC, Lorair c/s, fuselage still dumped, many parts missing.

Elsewhere on the field
N442SW CRJ Skywest