Saturday, August 11, 2001

The first day of a 3 day trip to Southern Florida.

Orlando, FL (MCO) 8.10.01
Seen from inside N915AW (HP561 PHX-MCO)
N32404, Continental B737-900
N550AT, American Trans Air B757-300

Friday, August 10, 2001

Tucson (TUS)

Airliners in storage/maintenance
9M-TGA B727-200F 22993
EC-GCB B757-236 23227
G-BPEA B757-236 24370
G-BPEB B757-236 24371
HC-BVT B727-287 22603
HC-BXU B727-200 21689
N1279E B727-2Q6 21971
N128NA B727-2J7 20879
N16982 A300 [91]
N227JL B727-214F 20875
N267US B727-251 20289
N31019 L-1011 1066
N357KP B727-230 20675
N41016 L-1011 1060
N54350 B727-231 21969
N54351 B727-231 21983
N54353 B727-231 21985
N54354 B727-231 21986
N64319 B727-231 20052
N64346 B727-231 21633
N677MA DHC-7 [7]
N701DH B727-100
N748DH B727-200
N749DH B727-200
N750DH B727-200
N751DH B727-200
N79751 B727-2M7 21457
N79771 B727-227 20840
N86426 B727-227 21364
N868AC B737-4Y0 23868
N872RA MD-80 49793
N902WC B737-247 19613
N903RC B737-247 19598
N922LG DC-9-32 47281
N923LG DC-9-32 47110
N937F DC-9-32 47409
OB-1547 B727-22 19151
OB-1588 B727-51 18942
OY-SEV B727-200
OY-TNT B727-200F 20725
P4-MED L-1011 1064
XA-ABG B707-323C 20315
XA-ABU B707-323C 19585
XU-600 L-1011 1043

Visible outside Bombardier
????? LJ31 white/green, Canada flag on tail
????? LJ31 white/blue belly
N450TR LJ45
????? LJ45 a/w, no markings
N5016S LJ45 [45-176]
N604RT CL604
N608CC CL604
N321FX CL604
N604GD CL604 [5490]
(+ others present previously)
N148C LJ

Midweek News

- A Hawaiian DC-10 should be bringing the Oakland Raiders to PHX this Saturday (8.11.2001) for their game vs. Arizona. (credit D. Mueller)

- DL9900, B727, ferried ATL-GYR yesterday. Should be leaving for VCV shortly. ID anyone??

- G-BPEA, G-BPEB, B757s currently stored TUS, are destined for Cebu Pacific Air (Phillipines).

Monday, August 06, 2001

Rantoul, KS
Dodson International

A family wedding in Kansas City allowed me the chance to hunt down and
explore Dodson's scrapyard in little Rantoul, KS. Thinking I was completely
lost, I crested a small hill and sighted their pole-mounted Jetstar! It was
a Saturday which meant the place was closed, but fortunately Russ Reeves,
the avionics sales manager & his family were out on the private lake. He
was kind enough to let me have full photographic access to the scrapyard.
Unfortunately, I only had about an hour to spend, and even worse only a
half-bottle of water - it was 98F outside with very high humidity. So, with
two cameras, logbook and pen, and said bottle of water, I managed to
scribble down what I could. I focused mainly on larger civil types and also
got a few easy-to-read bizjets:

Dodson Int'l 4 AUG 2001
????? Jetstar, marked "N001DI" and mounted on a pole by the road.
CC-PMP Fk27, wfu but intact
????? HS125, Euravia markings
[815] J-31, Alberta Citylink markings
N50AN SD-330
N5???? SWM, Speedair markings
PT-LZG Sabreliner [c/n ?????]
XA-RZJ LJ25 [c/n ?????]
5N-ARI Do228 [c/n ?????]
N719RA G1
N8VB G1 (+1 more identical c/s, no marks - ?????)
N244RD LJ24 [24-120]
[282-69] T-39
[380-31] T-39
N6338C GAF Nomad
N3225F GAF Nomad
N6313P GAF Nomad
LDF-48 Casa212 marked "Defence Force" (from Lesotho Defence Force)
????? Be1900 marked "Regionn Air"
[053] Saab2000 all white, SAS markings visible
??-OCD Jet Cmdr black & silver
???? Fk28 nose, all white
B-150 MD11 nose section, Mandarin Airlines striping
????? China Eastern fuselage section (what accident was this?)
N782AL DC-8, ATI c/s
[245] Fa20, Republic of Liberia markings (EL-VDY)
LV-VBY MD80 Aerolineas Argentinas
* 2 ex-AA Boeing fuselage sections

Across the road, in a large grassy field:
N7500A DC-3
* plus a Convair 240 and 2 derelict Be-18s, all unidentified.

Most of the aircraft fuselages have type and c/n data written in red marker
on the front fuselage. There are simply hundreds of aircraft here, and Russ
told me they keep bidding for more. If you're planning a visit - call ahead
to get permission and ramp access, try to visit on a weekday, and plan more
than half a day. If access is granted, it would be well worth it. I
brought a digital camera since most of the aircraft hulks were
not 'slide' worthy - and I will be posting the results on Cactus Wings for

I can't help too much with directions, as I was following a map that I was
borrowing. I can offer this - Dodson's is SOUTH of Rantoul about 1 mile,
and any good map or map program should be able to find Rantoul, Kansas.
Driving time was about 25 mins from the outskirts of Kansas City.

Any help with the ????s would be appreciated. I am corresponding back and
forth with Dodson's about some of the aircraft but I wanted to get this log
posted as quickly as I could.

Sunday, August 05, 2001

PHOENIX(PHX) 08.05.01

N541DA, DELTA 727 (I/C)
N13718, CONTINENTAL 737-700
N659FE, FED EX A300
N303AS, ALASKA 737-900
N400WN, SOUTHWEST 737-700 (N/C)
N27173, MESA CRJ
N601DL, DELTA 757 (I/C)
N14320, CONTINENTAL 737-300
N623DL, DELTA 757 (I/C)
N782AS, ALASKA 737-400
N329UP, UPS 767-300
N194DN, DELTA 767-300 (N/C)