Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Victoria (YYJ) 2.11.02

A clear sunny day here in Victoria! Spent a few hours at the airport. I started by taking a 20-minute drive around the perimeter. Noted amongst the hangars and ramps were:

C-FEXX Ce.208 Fed Ex
C-FEXY Ce.208 Fed Ex
"409" T-6 Texan (or something similar) .. all silver, with large "ARMADA" titles. Parked at Victoria Aviation hgr.
CG-JGO DC-3 all silver, wfu at BC Aviation Museum

Lots of turbos and twins about as well. After the perimeter tour, I took up a spot to the left of the terminal, on top of a small hill with picnic tables. This area serves as the public viewing area, with an excellent north-facing view of the ramp and taxiway. The following were noted in a 1.5 hour period (* - photographed)...

C-GPCE* SD.360 Pacific Coastal
"115" P-3 RCAF
C-FGWJ* B73S Westjet
C-FJRI* Fk28 AC - Canadian Regional titles
C-FTAS* Fk28 AC - Canadian Regional titles