Wednesday, April 03, 2002



Douglas DC-10-30
47837 N1855U Basic present United colors, no titles/logo

Boeing 737-222
19054 N9016U Basic present United colors, no titles/logo

McDonnell Douglas MD-81
48034 N800US Basic USAir colors, no titles/logo
48049 N827US Basic USAir colors, no titles/logo.

Monday, April 01, 2002

"Dust-Bowl" tour 2002 - Update 4.01.02

A bit of a suprise today in OKC. I was notified by Terry Nash that at 19:15 local time a Royal Jordanian A340-200 (JY-ABH)would arrive from SNN. I saw it land and when it pulled up to the AAR building a series of Executive Lincoln towncars and SUV's pulled up to the airstairs accompanied by heavy security and police cars. About 20-30 people got off the plane and into the cars and they promptly left the airport. I tried my best to follow them without being obvious, and I think I saw them headed south on I-35 towards Dallas. I think it is safe to say that they are not in town to see the Will Rogers Museam! My theory is, they could be in the area visiting the President in Crawford, TX but I am not sure why they would have flown into OKC and not the DFW area or Waco, TX. If anyone has any info on why this ac may have been here, that would be interesing info. After all the people left, the aircraft stayed on the ramp and looked like it ws closed up for an extended stay. I will keep an eye on the aircraft and provide any updates.

"Dust-Bowl" tour 2002 - Update 3.31.02
Taking a drive East Bound today, I stopped by Tulsa, OK (TUL). It is a very interesting airport with many good areas for both spotting and Photography. If you are in the area, it is definately worth a trip! The highlights are the 3 stored Alitalia DC-8's (hopefully have photos soon!). They are parked near a general aviation ramp and are well situated for photography (minus any small aircraft parked on the ramp in front of them). The AA hangar facility is HUGE, unfortunately there are no close up areas to see what is sitting on the ramp. It is possible however to see what is on the ramp from across the airport, but most likely no reg's can be read without a powerfull scope. The airport provides an observation area on the approach end of runway 36R which gives great opportunities for pictures of arrivals and departures. Below is a list of aircraft that I saw while there:

N61RH, Saberliner - (registered as a GLASAIR) R.A."BOB" Hoover written on the side. Located at Spartan School of Aeronautics
N351QS, C560
11417, CT-114 Snowbirds (10)
116CS (?)
N129SW, B73S
N668BR, United CRJ
N94132, USAF Beechjet
N940MA, MU2B
291MB, MU2B
840MA, MU2B
N450MA, MU2B
N153FA, DC-8-43 (WT on nose)
N353FA, DC-8-43 (WU on nose)
N453FA, DC-8-43 (WO on nose)
N4318W, Mig-21
(no reg) AV8B Harrier, engine missing
N227WE, FA20
18409, F86D (on display outside national guard)
76028(possibly 70028), Corsair (on display outside national guard)
N267AS, DL Express EMB 120 N/C
N88912, DL B727-200 M/C
N443FE, FedEx A310
N945AX, Airborn Express DC-9-30

I then continued on eastbound and took a shot in the dark at Joplin, MO. A rather large airport, however a very large number of GA operations.There was notihng interesting to speak of, the only 2 noteworthy aircraft are listed below. This airport falls into the "Dont go out of your way" category unless of course you know something interesting resides there.

N599JM, ISRAEL AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES 1124(possible mispole)
N55AZ, C-310 (possible mispole)
Tucson (TUS) 3.30.2002

Hamilton Aviation ramp
N924LG DC-9 Full Legend c/s, arr 29Mar-2002
9Y-THR MD80 a/w
N203AV B72S Falcon Air, mx
N54354 B72F a/s, inside hgr
N751DH B72F a/s, inside hgr
N16982 A300 ex Akdeniz, being worked on

Visible at Bombardier
N449ML BD700 [9055]
N532DM CL604 [5532]
C-GJZB CL604 [5529]
C-GJZD CL604 [5530]
[5531], [5534] CL604
N50422 LJ60 [60-249]
N866RA LJ45 [45-210]
N5012K LJ60 [c/n ???]
N601TP CL601

Elsewhere on the field
N712S B732 Sierra Pacific
N737TW* B73F Ameristar
N7946C/42-28938* B-25 Old Glory - parked transient ramp
N801EA B72F Emery
N977LP Da900

* - photographed

Sunday, March 31, 2002

Goodyear, AZ Mar18-2002
Due to as usual lack of time, only partly report, but all reported photo proof.

Boeing 737

20776 2E1C-GCDG Basic Royal colors, no titles/logo and engines
21196 266 LV-WYI Full LAPA colors.
21733 2P6 LV-YEB Basic Aerolines Argentinas, no titles/logo, no engines.
22575 2U9 N149AW Full America West Airlines colors
22648 277 N181AW Full America West Airlines colors.
22652 277 N185AW Full America West Airlines colors
22792 2E3 N138AW Full America West Airlines colors
22859 2J8 N235WA Full Delta Express (new) colors
23073 232 N301DL Full Delta Express (interim) colors
23074 232 N302DL Full Delta Express (old) colors
23081 232 N309DL Full Delta Expres (interim) colors
23088 232 N316DL Full Delta Express (old) colors
23091 232 N319DL Full Delta Express (old) colors
23096 232 N324DL Full Delta Express (old) colors
23098 232 N326DL Full Delta Express (old) colors
23100 232 N328DL Full Delta Express (old) colors
23101 232 N329DL Full Delta Express (new) colors
23102 232 N330DL Full Delta Express (old) colors
23103 232 N331DL Full Delta Express (new) colors
23104 232 N332DL Full delta Express (old) colors
23105 232 N334DL Full Delta Express (interim) colors
23184 247 N236WA Full Delta Express (interim)colors
23186 247 N238WA Full Delta Express (interim) colors
23187 247 N239WA Full Delta Express (old) colors
23521 247 N374DL Full Delta Express (old) colors.
23608 247 N381DL Full Delta Express (New) colours.
24220 3L9 N232DZ Full Delta (interim) colors
24269 35B N224DA Full Delta (interim) colors
29620 832 N372DA Full Delta (interim) colors.
29621 832 N373DA Full Delta (interim) colors.
29623 832 N375DA Full Delta (interim) colors.
29624 832 N376DA Full Delta (interim) colors.
29625 832 N377DA Full Delta (interim) colors.
30265 832 N378DA Full Delta (interim) colors.
30736 7BX N361ML Full Midway colors.
30737 7BX N362ML Full Midway colors.

Boeing 727
19090 22C N427EX Full US Postal Sevcie colors.
19097 22C N428EX Full US Postal Service colors.
19099 22C N421EX Full US Postal Service colors.
19287 51C N416EX Full US Postal Service colors.
19289 51C N436EX Full US Postal Service colors.
19597 82C N528PC Full US Postal Service colors.
19703 223 N311NE Full US Postal Service colors.
19868 151C N433EX Full US Postal Service colors.
20042 134C N424EX Full US Postal Service colors.
20053 231 N64320 Full Sporthawk colors.
20370 77C N526PC Full US Postal Service colors
20625 225 N355PA Full TAESA colors, minus many parts (will not fly again)
20661 224F EC-HBH All white, not titles/logo
21045 227 N17773 Basic Sporthawk no titles/logo, "red/white" stripe painted on the tail finn.
21248 224 N76752 All white no titles/logo.
21364 227 N86426 All white no titles/logo, minus # 2 engine.
21600 2A1 N621AP All white, no titles/logo (Should be N216AP)
21989 231 N84357 Basic Capital Cargo colors, no titles/logo
22558 225 N282SC Full Sun Country colors.
22559 225 N283SC Full Sun Country colors.
23074 230 N302FV All white, no titles/logo.

Douglas DC-8-73
46095 N105WP All white, no titles/logo

Douglas DC-10
46508 10 N108AA Basic American Airlines colors, no titles/logo, no engines moved to the west ramp.
46516 10 N116AA Basic Hawaiian Airlines colors, no titles/logo, minus engines and many parts, moved to the west ramp.
46614 10 N1815U Basic United colors, no titles/logo.
46939 10 N1849U Basic United Airlines colors, no titles/logo, no engines.
47829 10 N134AA Basic American Airlines colors, no titles/logo, moved to the south ramp.
47889 30 N306FV All white, no titles/logo.
47966 10 N1834U Basic United Airlines colors, no titles/logo, no engines.
47967 10 N1835U Basic United Airlines colors, no titles/logo, no engines.
47969 10 N1837U Basic United Airlines colors, no titles/logo, no engiens.

McDonnell Douglas MD-80
49102 82 N13891 Basic Continental Airlines colors, no titles/logo.
49116 82 N16887 Basic Continental Airlines colors, no titles/logo.
49118 82 N14889 Basic Continental Airlines colors, no titles logo.
49233 82 N932AS All white except rudder still in Alaska colors.
49373 82 N493AP Full Avioimpex colors
49442 82 N494AP Full Avioimpex colors.

Boeing 747
19641 121 N691UP Basic UPS colors, no titles/logo minus many parts, no engines.

Boeing 757
23322 2S7 N902AW Full America West colors, not stored anymore, but having C-check py AMS.
24118 236 N958PG Full Canada 3000 colors
24119 236 N962PG Full Canada 3000 colors.